Mind, Body & Spirit

Georgia Lenhart


You know the saying, "Not all those who wander are lost"? Well for many, many years, this was me! I could never find a career or path that felt right. Until I found Yoga! In 2018 my sister and I went on a two week wellness vacation. It was a Yoga immersion! That small vacation changed my life. I completely fell in love and knew at that moment, that this was the path for me. This was what I wanted to do with my life! I decided then, to spend my life bringing Yoga to the hearts and lives of as many people as I could. 

I opened my Yoga Studio in March of 2020 and was unable to open, due to shutdowns, until September. In May of 2020 I  completed my first 200 Yoga Teacher Training with Driftwood Yoga. I received my second 200 yoga teacher Training shortly thereafter with Costa Yoga and have recently completed my 300 Yoga Teacher Training with Costa Yoga. I am a Certified Children's Yoga teacher with Kidding Around Yoga, have a certification in BUTI yoga and am a Certified Ariel Teacher. 

Catherine (Cat) Cardelus


Yoga found me ~ 20 years ago after an injury that prevented me from tree climbing (I also study the rainforest canopy). Yoga not only helped my injury, but also grounded me in my breath. I am grateful to my teacher, Steven Hinchliffe from Vinyasa Yoga in Wollongong Australia, who makes Pranayama and joy a part of every class.

Catherine Cardel├║s (Cat) is a Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher trained at Ahimsa Yoga in Ithaca NY (2017) and a Certified Gravity Yoga Flexibility Coach (2021) and has been teaching yoga since 2016.